From Hungary to Norway

We have been in Hungary. Our presentation is available on the Dutch part of this site. It was a special trip for all of us. We learned a lot and maked new friends.

We look forward too our trip to Norway from 14 till 20 may 2012. This trip will be accompanied by Steve Budel and Ria Rigter. You can found more information about this teacher on globe teachers.
Four girls go to Norway. That are Justine and Tatum from D2C1 and Jasmijn and Lianne from D2C2. More information about the girls can you found on there own websites. They have maked a movie about them.
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rough program for the meeting in Hungary

We will meet at Szolnok railway station and after transportation to the accomodations.
The students will meet the host family and teachers will be checking in at the hotel.
In the evening we will meet for a short “welcome time”.

Presentation of our school. (One school but in seperate places) Presentations of the schools from every participants (about 10 minSpeach about phenology made from the university of Debrecen). Lunch will be in the school. During afternoon , we will visiting the city townhall. Rest of the day will be sightseeing in Szolnok.

Travel to the capital of Hungary, Budapest.
A special program for foreigners, interesting for both teachers and students. For example “tropicarium”

Your students will join some classes (science and english)  and see how It works here.
The teachers will have a meeting where we will speak about the phenology program and every thing that concern our project.
Lunch at school.
During the afternoon we will visit a forrest park (Szolnok). We will have the opportunity to feed, get information and be along the animals.

Bustrip to an arboretum in Tiszakürt. This contains an adventurepark with a lot of interesting tasks and actions ( 4 hours )
Lunch will be served at this place , special hungarian food!!
In afternoon we will go to “Martfű”. It is a thermal bath for some relaxation after the outdoor activities.
In the evening It will be a “good bye party” where we can speak about the week and what will happen the next time we meet (everyone will attend, even the host families).

Friday we will be departure.

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the tickets are booked

I have booked our flyed.  We flyed with KLM.
Z0 20/11 14:30u from Amsterdam we arrived at 16:30 at Budapest (KL1977)
vr 25/11 12:30u from Budapest we arrived at 14:40 at Amsterdam (KL1976)

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nieuwe eigenaar HP Globe

Maaike is de nieuwe eigenaar van deze weblog.

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News from Italy

Maaike and Steve are staying in Italy. We are waiting for there Italian stories.

Waiting . . .

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