Book report ‘startled by his furry shorts’ trimester 2

Title page

Name student: Lieviear H                                                                                                                   Title: Startled by his furry shorts                                                                                                 Author:Louise Rennison                                                                                                                                                      Publisher: Publisher:Harpertempest                                                                                                                                   How many pages: 270 pages


Explain the title                                                                                                                                   The title is called like that because the boyfriend (Sven) of Georgia’s friend Rosie, who is from  Lapland, goes to a Stiff Dylan gig with furry shorts on. Georgia’s fling Masimo is the leadsinger of the Stiff Dylans. Her crush for him began at the gig.

Example from the book:                                                                                                                                                   “Why did you run off?”                                                                                                                                    ”You know Sven better than me.”                                                                                                  ”True.”                                                                                                                                                ”And I was startled by his furry shorts.”

Main characters:                                                                                                                                   Georgia                                                                                                                                              Georgia often finds herself on the rack of love. Since Robbie the Sex God left, her life has been full of heartbreak. But now she has Masimo, the Italian Stallion.

Dave the laugh                                                                                                                                  Dave the Laugh is Geogria’s accidental snogging partner.Georgia finds it so hard not to snog him. He introduced her to lip biting.

Masimo                                                                                                                                           Masimo, the Italian Stallion, is Georgia’s latest snog friend. He’s the lead singer of local band, The Stiff Dylans, and he rides around on his scooter looking gorgeous. He keeps going out on dates with Wet Lindsay, Georgia’s enemy.

Robbie                                                                                                                                                   Robbie, the original Sex God, was Georgia’s first boyfriend. Robbie left to spend a year in Kiwi-a-gogo land (New-Zealand).

Jas                                                                                                                                                          Jas is Georgia’s very best friend. She is into nature and rambling with her boyfriend Tom, known as Hunky. She has a stupid sticky-out fringe.

Rosie                                                                                                                                                   Rosie spends most of her time laughing with her boyfriend Sven, a man from Sweden who wears furry trousers. She loves dancing, and was one of the co-creators of the world-famous “Let’s go down the disco” dance.

Favorite character                                                                                                                                    I think that Georgia is my favorite character. Her experiences are so funny and it’s a joy to read about it. Her character is really relatable to teenagers. I just like the way she handles stuff and how she reacts to people.

Write a recommendation of the book                                                                                                         Louise Rennison has kept Georgia loveable. Now, in her seventh book Georgia is just hilarious. Startled by his Furry Shorts is a fabulous addition to the Georgia Nicolson series that shows a more mature side of Georgia as she deals with heartbreak, and trying to move on. This book is a Laugh-till-you-fall  humor laced with fun that will keep you reading long into the night!

I think that Louise Rennison is a fantastic and witty author, and she clearly has perfect understanding of the mind of many teenage girls! Georgia is a relatable character. There were many positives in the story and I would recommend every teenage girl to read this book.

Give a summary of the book                                                                                                               This book is about Georgia Nicolson. Georgia Nicolson is not in a happy place regarding  her love life. She’s stuck in more ways. According to Georgia, she’s not only on the rack of romance, but in the cake shop of agony, the oven of luuurve, and the bakery of pain.  It’s all because of the Italian, Masimo. The man who has knocked the Sex God – aka Robbie, a little bit, out of her mind, and taken her heart, as well as in the band the Stiff Dylans, as their new singer. She’s not completely over her first love, Robbie, who left her to “snog with marsupials” inNew Zealand. And her friend, Dave the Laugh, appears to have a crush on Georgia, but she has no idea how to handle it. But Georgia has made the mistake of a lifetime. She finally decided to let Masimo become her one and only. But he tells her that he needs to think about it.  Whenever a guy uses the words “I need to think about it,” he can’t be thinking anything good. This is why Georgia is on the rack of romance. To distract herself from thinking about Masimo and the fact that he may not call her, or even want to be with her romantically, Georgia has thrown herself into MacUseless (Macbeth) play rehearsals, and she is in the middle of helping her friend Rosie to plan a Viking wedding. The only problem is that Dave the Laugh is around more than ever, with MacUseless rehearsals, and Georgia wants to kiss him more and more. If only Masimo would just give her the news, she could spend all of her time kissing him, or at least dreaming about kissing him. Georgia’s love life is chaotic. The end is quite surprising. She doesn’t have any feelings for Masimo anymore, but an other man shows up. In the end Robbie shows up, the sex god from Kiwi-a-gogo land. The story ends when Georgia sees Robbie. The last sentence from the book is: ‘’The sex god has re-landed’’.

Explain theme and motif                                                                                                                  The theme of this book is love and teenage life. The book is all about love and how to handle it when you’re a teenager. The book is really funny. Besides that it also has something to do with making choices in your life. Georgia is dealing with a dilemma where she has to make a choice between three guys. Gerogia compares the three boys to find out who’s good for her. She’s on the track of love or as Georgia says luuuuuurveeeeee. It may sound a little bit as a cliche but it isn’t. Georgia uses funny words to discribe everything. It was really fun to read and I really enjoyed it!

Example from the book:                                                                                                                            ‘ I can’t believe I am once more on the rack of romance. And also in the oven of luuuuurve. And possibly on my way to the bakery of pain.And maybe even going to stop along the way to get a little cake at the cake shop of agony. Shut up, brain. Shut up.’’


Write a catch phrase for the book (those short sentences you often see on the back of the book).                                                                                                                                                         How to handle 3 guys, you’ll laugh your knickers off!


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Information about my book ‘The Mrs Marridge Project’

Explaining the title

The title of my book is ‘The Mrs Marridge Project’. It’s titled like that because the main character made a project about marriage. With the Mrs. marridge project she hopes to find a man who loves her and want to marry her by the time that she’s sixteen.

 What the book is about

Half way through a school friend’s funeral, fourteen year old Elin has an epiphany. Life’s too short to waste on school, she wants to get married! Using her GCSE syllabus as a model, Elin embarks on a covert operation to be married by the time she’s sixteen. A quest that will take her from the Arctic Circle to the wilds of southern Ireland. As she researches sex, ways of becoming a ‘woman of Maturity’, and how to analyse men, she discovers that transforming from A-grade student into A-grade wife is tough. Especially when everyone thinks she’s going mad.

 Describing of the main character(s)

There’s only one main character, Elin Fisk. Elin fisk is a fourteen year old girl who want to get married when she’s sixteen. Her character is childish in the beginning, but she wants to act grown up because married women are grown up. She’s very enthusiastic about her project but she ignores her school work. In her appearance she’s very active, everyone thinks she’s going mad. The only thing she thinks about is marriage and because of that she ignores other stuff.

My opinion about the book

I liked the book very much. It was a girly book and very funny. The book wasn’t very hard to read so I understood everything. I liked the book because it was very girly and about girly subjects. Every girls thinks about marriage and in this book you read the experience of a girl with marriage.

 Explaining of the theme

The genre of this book is humor and the theme is love and experiment. Love is one of the two themes because the book is mostly about love, Elin wants to find a boy that loves her.


‘My head starting spinning and I found myself shivering. I swear it wasn’t because of the cold, or the alcohol I’d been drinking. Then with further warning, as if he knew exactly what I wanted, and he wanted it too, he pulled me towards him and started kissing me.’

 In this example you can read that Elin is in love with a boy named Greg. This is a example of the theme ‘love’ because she’s in love.

 The second theme of my book is ‘experiment’. It’s a theme of the book because Elin, the main character, experiments with everything that has something to do with men and marriage.


‘I asked men about marriage, whether they’d recommend it or not, what they looked for in a wife and what they thought about true love. Perhaps the men I questioned hadn’t taken the subject seriously enough. Either that, or they were teasing me when they wrote, ‘marriage is fine- but not for me’ and ‘The sex is memorable for five minutes and forgettable for the next fifty years.’


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The Mrs Marridge Project

Link to the facebook account of my book :!/profile.php?id=100003154203474

If it doesn’t work, search for Elin Fisk.

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Hello world!

Welkom op HPBlogs. Dit is het eerste bericht op je splinternieuwe weblog. Je kunt dit bericht zelf aanpassen of verwijderen.

Belangrijk: je wachtwoord aanpassen
Je hebt zojuist van het systeem een wachtwoord ontvangen. Dit is een vrij lastig wachtwoord, het is daarom aan te raden het direct aan te passen. Je kunt het aanpassen onder Gebruikers > Jouw Profiel > Wachtwoord veranderen. Je kunt daar een nieuw wachtwoord kiezen (wat je 2 keer moet invoeren, om te controleren op typefouten).

En nu?
Om je op gang te helpen, hebben we wat uitlegpagina’s online staan. is onze website, waarop alle benodigde informatie over de weblogs te vinden is. Als je nog vragen hebt, kun je die ook via daar stellen.

Veel plezier met je nieuwe weblog! Je kunt nu dit bericht verwijderen en aan de slag.

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