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Title: The Hobbit

Author: John Ronald Reuel Tolkien


Explain the title

This book is called the Hobbit, simply because the main character in this book is a Hobbit. There is also a under title on this book: There and back again. This is the title of the book that the Hobbit made in this book. J.R.R. Tolkien wrote this book like he experienced the adventure all by himself.


Describe the main characters

There are a lot of characters in the book but the three most important are:

  • Bilbo Baggins
  • Gandalf
  • Thorin Oakenshield


Bilbo Baggins:

The main character of this book is Bilbo Baggins. He is a hobbit. Hobbits are small people (half the size of a human) and always walk on their bare feet. They live in holes and wish to stay there, for their entire life since they don’t want to go on adventures. Hobbits say that adventures are too troublesome for them. Bilbo Baggins a brave and kind person who loves company. He is the first hobbit going on a adventure.



Gandalf is a very old wizard (like 300 years old!) and a friend of Bilbo Baggins. He is tall, wears a grey robe and has a long grey beard. Gandalf is the one who convinced Bilbo to go on a adventure with him and 13 other dwarves. Gandalf is a kind an just person.


Thorin Oakenshield:

Thorin Oakenshield is a dwarf. He and 12 other dwarves came to Bilbo’s house for a meeting they hadn’t arranged. When every other dwarf gathered there, Thorin and Gandalf walked in. Gandalf then explained why they had al gathered there. The dwarves were planning to go on a adventure to take back their city which contains a huge treasure but is now under control of a dragon named Smang. Thorin is the king of that city. He is a little shorter than a human but taller than the hobbit. He has a brave character.



The book is about Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit, who lives in his hobbit-hole. He loves comfort, that is why he has a very comforting hole; nice and cozy. One day Gandalf the wizard visits him in his garden in his garden. He makes an arrangement for the next day at tea-time to talk with him. But the next day at tea-time Gandalf brings 13 dwarfs to his house. Bilbo does not like it, because he needs to serve tea for thirteen people. When the hobbit has served the dwarfs lunch, Gandalf explains why he brought so many dwarfs. The dwarfs want to recover an old treasure and take back their city. they know it will be a dangerous trip to the treasure and it is guarded by Smang the Magnificent, a large and dangerous dragon. When Bilbo asks why he has to travel with them (which the dwarfs also do not know, because a hobbit is very small and of no use to them) Gandalf answers that he is just perfect and that it will become clear to him and the dwarfs during the adventure. So that is why Bilbo has to leave his nice hole and the place where he was born and bred, to find a treasure guarded by a dragon.


Did I liked the book?

I liked this book very much. It was one of the best books I have ever read. I recommend this to everyone who likes reading about fantasy. The main reason I choose this book was because of The Hobbit trailer (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbLXERGglcY). When I saw this I just had to read the book and so I did.



The theme of this book is that you will learn who your friends are in times you need them. Also, this book learns you that if you really wants something you never have to give up on it. Another theme of this book could be courage. Because at the beginning of this book, Bilbo wasn’t sure if he would survive such an adventure. Still Bilbo goes with the dwarves which takes a lot of courage for this little person.




This picture shows the company of this book going on a adventure.  At the front Gandalf, at the end Bilbo, and between them the 13 dwarves.

Catch Phrase

The story is about the hobbit Bilbo Baggins. At a certain day a wizard, named Gandalf, visits Bilbo. He knows the wizard from earlier years of his life. Gandalf and Bilbo talk a bit, until Gandalf says to Bilbo that he wants him to go with him on an adventure. Bilbo does not want this at all and brushes Gandalf aside by inviting Gandalf for tea the next day. But the next day it is not Gandalf who stands in front of his door. It is a dwarf. And not just one dwarf, more and more dwarves come popping in like they have been invited. After a while Bilbo finds out that the dwarves want him to go along with them on an adventure and after quite a while Bilbo gets persuaded. And that is why the little hobbit joined the dwarves on their adventure. Their goal is to reach The Lonely Mountain, where the dragon Smang lies upon the gold of the dwarves. Along the way they go through many adventures, from being catched by trolls, goblins and elves to meeting a man who can take the shape of a man as well as the shape of a bear. Bilbo also finds a ring, which plays a large role in the continuing stories. In the end everything turns out fine. 


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English book blog 2 by Ramon van der Tol

Bookreport by Ramon van der Tol


Explain the title

The title of my book is; “plague”. It is about island called Perdido Beach. On this island there live only children and teenagers. They are getting hit by the plague.


Describe the main characters

The characters didn’t get described by appearance.

Sam:  The main character from the book. He is a boy from 16 years old and he uses fire powers. He is a brave man and he is with the good guys.

Astrid: Astrid is the girlfriend of Sam. She has a nice personality and belongs to the good guys. She has superhuman strength as special ability.

Little Pete: Little Pete is the autistic little brother from Astrid. He is amazingly strong and the only one that can stop the plague. But he is really ill for some time…

Hunter: Hunter is a hunter who hunts for food. He does that for everyone on Perdido Beach. Hunter had been attacked by a greenie, a flying snake. This snake gave him a sickness. A very nasty one: insects eating him, from the inside…

Orc: Orc is a really giant person made of stone. He is really strong but always drunk. Though he belongs to the good guys.

Darkness: The leader of the bad guys. He created Drake/Brittney to leady the plague.

Drake/Brittney: Drake and Brittney are the same person. They have a split personality which is made by the darkness… Sometimes it is Drake and sometimes it is Brittney. Drake is a evil person and wants to kill everyone on Perdido Beach. With his whip attached to his arm, he can rip of your limbs. But Brittney is a good person and wants to get locked so Drake can’t hurt anybody. Drake/Brittney can’t die which makes him super dangerous.

Albert: Albert is the only adult on Perdido Beach. He is a rich person, and many of the teenagers work for him.

Lana: Lana is the healer of the teenagers. She can heal deep wounds with her hands, which makes her very useful. She is usually in a bad mood, but she belongs to the good guys.

Taylor: Taylor is the one of the best friends from Sam. Taylor belongs to the good guys, and she has the ability to teleport from one place to another.

Jamal: Jamal is the traitor in this book. He teams up with Drake which makes him a bad guy. Jamal is very smart but doesn’t have any supernatural power. He uses guns instead.

Many other characters: There are many, many other characters. Each with their own super power. But I don’t think they belong to the main characters.


What is the book about?

This is book is about the isle called Perdido Beach. Life on Perdido Beach is not easy for the teens and children trapped inside. They are trapped by the FAYZ, or Fallout Alley Youth Zone. They are trapped in a tiny psychically barricaded bubble, cut off from the outside world. The children there have survived a lot. But now the worst is coming. The plague.


When Albert realizes he is almost out of water, he sends Sam and few others too search for a certain lake.  On their journey they find Hunter, crying. Hunter wants to be killed because the insect had eaten him for 50%. So Sam burns him to ashes. It was the best he could do for his friend.


In the meantime Darkness created a person, named Drake/Brittney. He was created to lead the insects to exterminate everyone on Perdido Beach. There is only one person who is strong enough to stop Darkness. This person is called Pete. He is the little brother from Astrid. Pets is a autistic boy. He can move things with his mind which makes him the strongest person on the island. The only problem is, is that Pete is in a coma. Darkness is controlling him, in his sleep. Will Pete wake up in time to stop the Darkness and safe Perdido Beach? Read this book and you will know.


Did you like the book?

I liked this book very well. It was exciting at almost every moment. I love the horrific and high tension moments which made me want to read the book in one go.

I think the theme is “Power”. The Darkness in this book wants to kill everyone on Perdido Beach. With this he wants to show the teens he has the power in his hands and nobody can stop him.

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English book blog by Ramon van der Tol

Book report by Ramon van der Tol

Explain the title

The title of my book is: ‘How to Cheat a Dragon’s Curse’. Someone got cursed by a dragon and the main character needs to find the antidote to cure him.

Describe the main characters

Hiccup: Hiccup is the main character from the book. Hiccup is a thin small boy, with red hair. But is he has a brave character. Hiccup is the son of the Chief of the Hooligan tribe.

Toothless: Toothless is Hiccup’s pet dragon. Toothless is a tiny winged dragon with a sweater on. Toothless often helps in the quest for the cure but he is asking a lot of attention. Toothless has a friendly character.

Fishlegs: Fishlegs is the best friend of Hiccup. Fishlegs is even thinner and smaller than Hiccup and he has an uncertain but friendly character.

Camicazi: Camicazi is also a friend of Hiccup. She has long blond hair and belongs to the Bog Burglar tribe. She helps Hiccup finding the antidote. She can’t be frightened, and is brave. Just like Hiccup.

Norbert the Nutjob: The chief of Hysterica, he is big and hairy. He has the cure for the curse, but he won’t give it away. Norbert has a greedy character.

Doomfang: The waterdragon which lives in the sea. At this time of the year the sea is frozen, so it’s easy to cross. Doomfang has an angry character.

What is the book about?

The book is about Hiccup and his Hooligan tribe. They live on the isle called Berk. The book starts on Mount Villain, where Hiccup and some other children learn how to hunt on skis. Hiccup and Fishlegs form a couple and they need to hunt some snowpeckers. But Hiccup and Fishlegs are really bad at skiing, and so they ended up in the middle of nowhere. Then they hear some loud noises which came from some Hysterica’s from the Hysterica tribe. Suddenly Fishlegs yelled at them and charged to them with great speed on his skis, which was very strange behavior for a boy like Fishlegs…

When they arrived back in town (yes, it all ended well), Hiccup decides to take Fishlegs to the doctor of their tribe. The doctor comes to the conclusion that Fishlegs had been stung by a Venomous Vorpent. You don’t feel when you are stung by this creature. But you know that you have one day to live when the symptoms (strange behavior, extreme colds, cripple body parts) are uttering. This is the case with Fishlegs. The doctor predicts that Fishlegs only has till ten in the morning. There is only one cure for this disease, which is a potato. But Hooligan tribe didn’t believe in the existence of the potato. There is said that the potato only grew in America. But they didn’t believe in America either because the Hooligan tribe thought the world was flat, and if you sail to the end of the world, you will fall off.

Only the Hysterica’s believe in America because their leader’s father, has been there once. And he brought back a potato as evidence. The doctor of the Hooligan tribe knew this and said this to Hiccup. The doctor also warned Hiccup for the Doomfang, the water dragon which lives under the frozen sea. But Hiccup will cross any danger for his friend, so he immediately set off with his friend Camicazi, to the isle Hysterica.

Did you liked the book?

I really liked this book. There were good jokes, funny drawings and dramatic scenes. This book has a good story which was easy to read. It is absolutely wonderful!

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